One of more surprising of the 7  signings made by the new Zaragoza Manager in the January 2010 Transfer Window was a certain Jiri Jarosik,  familiar to Celtic supporters for his spell with them in 2006 and 2007.

Often played in an attacking midfield role he was never a great success with Celtic although he did play in over 40 games, scoring 5 goals and getting a League winners medal. He left Celtic in January 2008 to join one of the more obscure Russian teams and seemed lost to the mainstream. However he always has been a class player, winning league titles in no less four countries. He has been one of the greater successes of the new imports, playing commandingly in the role of defensive sweeper and making Zaragoza harder to score against. Celtic could maybe use him now playing in that kind of role. He had a good game against Real Madrid at the weekend and until Kaka scored the winner it seemed he might marshal the Zaragoza defence to a draw that would have been a serious blow to the Real Madrid title hopes.

The next GGW post will examine the current state of Real Madrid’s continued challenge for the La Liga title and whether Pellegrini could yet pull off  a title triumph.