A book worth reading

The following post was written by Vicente Andreu Navarro in response to my request for a Villarreal perspective on Pellegrini’s time at Real Madrid.

Two years ago Manuel Vicent, a very well-known Spanish journalist and writer, published a novel entitled “León de ojos verdes” –meaning in English “Lion with green eyes” -. This novel, which I strongly recommend reading, narrates several short stories that happen during summer-time in a beach resort on Castellón’s Mediterranean shore, around the Hotel Voramar. The several plots and dramas take place under the attentive look of a plaster lion that guards the main staircase of the hotel entrance.

Another famous Manuel, Manuel Pellegrini, is also a frequent guest to the Voramar. At least during the five years he managed Villarreal CF’s first squad. Now, he has just finished his spell as Real Madrid’s coach. The job that half the people in Spain dream of and the other half would accept without hesitating in spite of the feeling that it would involve cooperating with the enemy.

Pellegrini The Lion with green eyes

The statistics of his performance with Real Madrid during the season  are unquestionable -: ninety six points, and one hundred and two goals. Last season, Barcelona, the winner of everything, got eighty seven points. Six years ago, Valencia, obtained the championship with seventy seven points. But that has not been enough, he has not been capable of obtaining a championship and was beaten in the Cup and in Champions League by minor rivals, and that is a sufficient reason for having been dismissed as manager of what many people considers the best club in the world.

The real thing is that price is often mistaken for value. It is commonly assumed that a squad needs time to adapt to the philosophy of its coach and Pellegrini has not had enough time to proof that he is one of the very best in his job. We, Villareal supporters, know it quite well.

Next season Real Madrid will have again a great squad with renowned players and a new manager, and, sure enough, they will be fighting again for the championship. But that won’t happen under the smart, elegant and polite look of the Chilean lion with green eyes.

Good luck, Mr. Pellegrini. I hope to see you again at the Voramar.

A book for bilingual Celtic fans

Vicente Andreu, one of the founder members of Villarreal Celtic Submari, is an author who has published a book “El Trebol de Cuatro Hojas” (the 4 leafed clover). This entertaining novel tells the story of a young Spanish footballer and his first season at Glasgow Celtic, where he also gets caught up in a search for a powerful old religious relic. It was written before Marc Crosas signed for Celtic and Vicente presented Crosas with a copy on one of the Celtic Submari’s trips to Glasgow.

Any Celtic supporter who can read Spanish would enjoy this novel which celebrates Celtic and their supporters. Copies can be obtained from Ringwood Publishing in Glasgow by emailing mail@ringwoodpublishing.com