Ideal Xmas present for all Celtic supporters

Buying a Christmas Present for a Celtic supporter? Look no further! “Celtic Submari” is a positive and uplifting book that will delight any Celtic supporter. It tells how an invasion of Vila-real, a small town in Spain, by 10,000 Celtic supporters in 2004 led to a friendship that is unique in world football, and to the development of a New Model of football relationships based on affection and respect rather than hatred or bitterness. Celtic supporters everywhere can take great pride in how their example of camaraderie and good behaviour inspired the formation of the Villarreal Celtic Submari who have put their motto “Rivals for 90 minutes, Friends for Ever” into practice in Spain, Scotland and throughout Europe. The Celtic Submari have proved that football can harness the power of goodness, decency, integrity and friendship to help others and make a positive difference.

The book offers a unique and fascinating explanation for the undeniable reality that Celtic supporters have a much better record of behaviour abroad than Rangers supporters.

It examines how some of the lessons from the Celtic Submari model can be applied in Scotland to help move away from the sectarian bitterness that too often mars Scottish football towards a more healthy model based on Celtic Submari principles.

While the book will primarily appeal to Celtic supporters, this element will also make the book of interest to everyone of any football affiliation or none, who has despaired of the current Scottish model marred by sectarian hatred.

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“Celtic Submari” will be available as an ebook from the Kindle Store from 13th December