“Yellow Submarine”      The ideal Christmas present for all football lovers

If you’re looking for a Christmas Present for anyone interested in football, GGW has the perfect solution.  Almost all football fans are Romantic Dreamers (although they often hide it well). They fervently hope and believe their club, no matter how big or small, can and will do better. “Yellow Submarine- the Miracle of Villarreal CF” is the inspiring story of how  a wee club from a small town of under 50,000 population rose from the lower depths of Spanish football  to establish themselves in just over 10 years as one of the top clubs not just in Spain but in Europe. (Full details of the book can be found via the link below right).

“Yellow Submarine” is a book that offers hope to all supporters of clubs both big and small that their club too can “Live the Dream”. Based on Community and Integrity, it offers a morally superior alternative to reliance on American or Russian Billionaires or Arab Dynasties.

Individual copies of Yellow Submarine, all signed by the author Sandy Jamieson, can be purchased via the link below right, or direct from www.ringwoodpublishing.com

Bulk orders at generous discounts, can be negotiated by email at mail@ringwoodpublishing.com .

Yellow Submarine is also available as an ebook from the Kindle Store at the bargain price of £8.04