Three Kings from Villarreal CF give presents

For the 7th year in a row the Christmas and New Year holiday period saw the Celtic Submari hold its annual Children’s Party where the visiting Three Kings gave presents to hundreds of excited children. The numbers involved were such that the location had to be changed from the Celtic Submari club in main street Vila-real to the more spacious premises available in the Francesc Tarrega School. Named after the talented musician who is the most famous ever citizen of little Vila-real, the school is well known in the West of Scotland for its regular exchange visits with the local John Ogilvie High. Spanish children are usually much more polite and closer to the Victorian ideal of being seen but not heard than similar groups of Scottish children. However as on the six previous occasions, this time the noise generated by the excited children, a mix of children of Celtic Submari members and children associated with the charities supported by the Celtic Submari, was of the higher decibel levels normally generated by wilder Scottish weans.

As always, Villarreal CF fully supported the work of the Celtic Submari and sent three first team players, Spanish internationalist Bruno, Paraguayan internationalist Hernan Perez and Javier Camunas. All three players enthusiastically joined in the activities and were a great hit when it came to dishing out presents top every child present.

As in previous years, the principal beneficiary of the Celtic Submari generosity was ASPANION (the association of parents of children with cancer) who received yet another cheque for 3,000 euros.

The background to the Celtic Submari commitment to ASPANION and other children’s charities is contained in the book “Celtic Submari – a New Model of football relationships” recently published by Ringwood Publishing in Glasgow. Copies of this book, which is being very well received by Celtic supporters throughout the world can be obtained from this website by clicking on the photo on the right hand side, or by going to .

The book is also available from the Kindle Book Store as an e-book as is the companion volume “Yellow Submarine – the miracle of Villarreal CF”

Next week GGW will offer a major update to the Yellow Submarine story in a post entitled “The Yellow Submarine sinks to the bottom depths of La Liga” which will explain why things have gone disastrously wrong this season.  Watch this space.