GreenGreenWorld(GGW) is back after its summer holidays and will be even more dedicated to bringing Celtic fans the football news and analysis from around the world likely to be of most interest to them in the new season to come.

Tomorrow. Celtic and the CL Draw

Tomorrow an article will be posted on GGW explaining the likely opposition Celtic will face in the two Qualifying Rounds of the Champions League as they seek to regain their rightful place in Europe’s elite by reaching the Group Stages.

Then will come articles bringing Celtic fans up to date with the fortunes of their favourite foreign clubs particularly Villarreal and St Pauli. After the disappointing events of season 2011-2012, both these favourite clubs will be facing critical campaigns in their respective Second Divisions. GGW will seek to explain why this unfortunate state of affairs came about and how well preparations are going to allow both clubs to reclaim their rightful place in their domestic top flights.

GGW will continue to provide regular reports from the Spanish Scene, with a focus on how a Guardiola-less Barcelona respond to losing their place at the top of the Spanish tree to Mourinho’s more cynical Real Madrid.

There will also be regular Letters from South America bringing Celtic fans up to date on the Copa Libertadores, recently won by Corinthians, and the Brazilian and Argentinian club scenes.

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