Good News,  GreenGreenWorld (GGW) is back from a 3 month break caused by  work commitments of it’s Chief Reporter.

Apologies to all regular readers for the temporary loss of  service but GGW is delighted to announce that it is now back in business and that over the next couple of months there will be at least weekly reports on the events of world football likely to be of most interest to Celtic fans.

Over the next weeks the first sixposts will cover

1) the rise of the Yellow Submarine from the lower depths

2) Corinthians, champions of the world lose their South American crown but gain Sao Paulo State consolation

3) St Pauli end a disappointing season with a bang of hope

4) Riquelme misses another crucial penalty as Ronaldinho  heads for a last hoorah

5) Neymar vows to help Messi stay the best as Barcelona reform

6) Pellegrini  How Manchester City have gone from ridiculous to sublime